Certificate in Women, Theology, and Ministry

The WTM Certificate Program offers an opportunity for focused study of issues relevant to women, theology and ministry within one of the masters programs. A total of 13 hours of required and elective courses provides: 1) focused academic study of women and religion 2) vocational discernment for women students pursuing diverse forms of ministry. Students in the Master of Divinity (MDiv) and Master of Theological Studies (MTS) may enroll in the WTM Certificate Program by completing the certificate enrollment form and returning it to the Registrar.

Required Courses:  4 hours

Approved Elective Courses: 9 hours

Check the current course schedule for courses are offered in a particular semester. Students may petition the WTM Director for approval of additional courses meeting the following criteria:  1) The topic of study is relevant to the mission of the WTM program and/or the primary perspective of the course is informed by Feminist/ Womanist theory or theology (broadly defined); (2) A majority of the assigned readings present feminist/Womanist perspectives and/or deal with issues related to women, theology, and ministry;(3)A major project on women and religion, or feminist/womanist perspectives on theology or practices of ministry is completed for the course.