Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be able to make any changes to my schedule after I register?
A: Yes. You will have until the last day for add/drop/swap posted on the academic calendar Any course that you drop after the deadline is a considered a withdrawal and will appear as such on your transcript.

Q: Where can I view course descriptions or course syllabi?
A: Course syllabi from previous semesters are available on the Candler Registrar blackboard site. You can access Blackboard by going to Use your OPUS username and password to log in. When you’re logged in, select “Candler Registrar” under “Organizations”, then click on “Course Syllabi” from the menu on the left. Fall syllabi will be posted as they are available, but most are not available until the start of the semester. Catalog course descriptions are available online in the Candler Catalog .

Q: One of the courses I’m interested in appears as closed in OPUS. What do I do?
A: Email with your name, 7-digit student ID# and the course you’re interested in and we will add you to the waiting list for the course. If an opening becomes available in the course through drop/add week (the first week of classes), we will contact you via Emory email.

Q: I’m trying to create a schedule that has all of my classes on Tues/Thur or all on Wed/Fri due to my commute and childcare situation. Is this possible?
A: Probably. Candler’s courses are offered throughout the week and at various times, but all MDiv required courses (except for Contextual Education) are currently available on a T/Th only sequence. Students have the flexibility to create whatever schedule they want within the stated degree requirements and course offerings/times available. Candler does not offerWeds/Fri-only programs, nor do we offer strictly evening, online, or weekend programs.

Q: Where do I get booklists for my classes?
A: Each semester, Barnes and Noble @ Emory compiles a list of textbooks that have been submitted by professors for the following semester.  Fall booklists are available starting in mid-April.  Spring booklists are available starting in mid-November.  The booklist is updated as textbook lists are updated by faculty. To view textbooks for classes on your schedule:

Log in to OPUS (

Click “My Class Schedule”

Choose “List View”

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “View Textbooks” button.

This will generate a list of all the textbooks associated with all the classes in which you are enrolled for the semester. You can order books directly from the page that’s generated or use the ISBNs to track down books from other sources.

You may also go directly through the Barnes and Noble @ Emory website:

Click “Shop Now”

Select Campus “B&N at Emory”

Enter the course subject code in the “Department” box (such as OT, NT, HT, ST, BL, etc.)

Enter the course number in the “Course” box (such as 607 for OT 607 000 Judges)

Enter the section number in the “Section” box (such as 000 for OT 607 000 Judges)

Q: I need to buy my plane ticket home for Thanksgiving. When is Thanksgiving Break?
A: Academic calendars with holidays are available online.You should also wait to see the course syllabi on the first day of class to determine the schedule for your specific courses that week.

Q: My name has changed since I applied to Candler. How do I change my name with Emory?
A: Name changes should be directed to the Emory University Office of the Registrar and will only be recorded when there is sufficient evidence supporting the name change. Students must provide one of the following showing the changed name: (1) Marriage license, (2) Court order, or (3) Driver's license plus one of the following: social security card, credit card, or blank check showing name and address.

Q: How do I update my social security number?
A: Bring your original social security card to the University Registrar’s office located at 100 B Jones Center. Changes cannot be made from a copy of the SSN card or any other document showing the SSN.

Q: I’m moving soon. Who do I need to notify about my new mailing address and phone number?
A: All updates to contact information, including phone, address and email, should be made in OPUS as soon as possible.

Q: I need to give my insurance company/conference/student loan lender proof that I am enrolled as a full-time student at Candler. How do I do that?
A: You can print out an Enrollment Verification Form directly from OPUS. When you log in, select “Enrollment Verification” from the drop-down menu that appears next to your course schedule. Select the options you want the letter to include (GPA, degree program, etc) and click “Submit”. You can print it directly from your browser. If the documentation you need requires a signature, you can submit the printed Enrollment Verification to the Candler Registrar’s Office for a signature. If you need additional information on the enrollment verification that is not listed on the print out, email with your request. Note: the only exception to this is the yellow form from the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry (GBHEM), or if you are receiving Ministerial Education Funds (MEF) from your conference. If you have one of these forms, submit them to the Candler Office of Financial Aid for processing. Despite what the form says (that they will accept a printed enrollment verification), they actually don’t take the printed form, so we need to complete it for you.