Jul 29 2010

“Till it and Tend it”: Judiasm and Sustainable Food

Artwork by Rev. Dr. Gina Rose Halpern

There are wonderful conversations happening at Candler and other Christian places about food, land, and sustainable practices by humans as we care for our earth. Here’s a great article by Ari Hart, a Jewish seminarian, part of a series on Jewish calls for justice and responsibility in the way we support food, farming, and care for creation.

Jul 16 2010

Candler student in Haiti

Jason Myers, a second-year MDiv Student at Candler, writes and talks about his six weeks in Haiti this summer with Emory’s Global Health Initiative. Jason talks about theology, agriculture and poverty (which are all related in Haiti), and about meeting a Catholic priest who performs funerals for unclaimed bodies at a local morgue.

Jul 2 2010

Are Christians jerks online?

I was reading CNN’s belief blog this week. Jonathan Acuff, author of Stuff Christians Like, poses a question: Are Christians jerks online? Why is it, given the unambiguous commandment to love god, and love neighbor as self (and love enemy, for that matter!), do Christians send hate mail, gossip, and act un-lovingly online?

Have you found Christians online acting un-Christ like?