Are Christians jerks online?

I was reading CNN’s belief blog this week. Jonathan Acuff, author of Stuff Christians Like, poses a question: Are Christians jerks online? Why is it, given the unambiguous commandment to love god, and love neighbor as self (and love enemy, for that matter!), do Christians send hate mail, gossip, and act un-lovingly online?

Have you found Christians online acting un-Christ like?

3 Responses to “Are Christians jerks online?”

  • Kevin Crawford Says:

    That doesn’t mean that we are omit from acting on our sinful nature. We still do it whether or not we want to from within our Christ centered selves.
    Paul spoke on this when he said “I do the things I do not want.” more importantly what are some ways we can try and keep ourselves from participating in un-christlike ways?

  • Kevin Megan Says:

    a true Christian is humble and will never utter words that can hurt other feelings

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  • John Park Says:

    I have noticed a lot of arrogant, self-proclaimed Christians on news comment boards as well as religious forums. They fire back at people with hateful remarks instead of giving peaceful and loving remarks. Sure, there are a lot of non-Christian believers looking to pounce on anyone that believes in God, but the response back to them can either cause them to bash believers more or get them thinking. You could have 100 Christian people posting like a person of God would and all it would take is a self-proclaimed Christian to post one bad post and ruin it. God Bless Us All

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