Apr 20 2011

Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson on Teaching

This is the last full week of class at Candler for this school year, but that doesn’t stop members of our great community from sharing their stories. Here, Dr. Luke Timothy Johnson shares his goals for teaching.

Dr. Johnson is the Robert Woodruff Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins at Candler. His research concerns the literary, moral, and religious dimensions of the New Testament, including the Jewish and Greco-Roman contexts of early Christianity (particularly moral discourse), Luke-Acts, the Pastoral Letters, and the Letter of James. A prolific author, Dr. Johnson has penned numerous scholarly articles and more than 25 books. His 1986 book The Writings of the New Testament: An Interpretation, now in its second edition, is widely used in seminaries and departments of religion throughout the world.  He was recently awarded the prestigious 2011 Louisville Grawemeyer Award in Religion for his book, Among the Gentiles: Greco-Roman Religion and Christianity.