May 15 2009

Candler Graduation 2009!

Candler MDiv ’09 grad James Clark is happy

On Monday, May 11, 2009, Candler School of Theology graduated its 94th class of students. Below are photos of the day, which included a commencement speech by former Mexican President Vincente Fox (pictured left) and Candler’s graduation ceremony in Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church.

Special thanks to Cindy Brown (, Candler MDiv ’09, for use of many of her pictures. Check out her amazing slideshow of the day below.

Lauren Lobenhoeffer, MDiv 09, with Professor Rex Matthews (photo by Michelle Levan)
Yong Sil Choi, MDiv 09

Scott Wilks, MDiv 09, and Jan McCoy, MDiv 09

Kelsey Grissom Johnson, MDiv 09

Julia Buckner, MDiv 09, with Professor David Petersen (photo by Michelle Levan)

Kim Wagner, MDiv 09 (photo by Lauren Lobenhoeffer)

Amanda Garvin, MDiv 09, with her dad
Saul Burleson (right), MDiv 09, with Myron McGhee, MDiv 95
Brandon Wason, MTS 09, with Professor Steve Kraftchick (photo by Wendy Wason)
Estelle Archibold, MDiv 09
Evita Smith, MDiv 09, with Dean Jan Love
Rodney Mason, MDiv 09!!!