Contextual Education II Student Enrollment

Program Description

The Contextual Education II sequence is a two semester sequence involving site work and reflection group time in addition to course work when applicable. Below are directions for how to enroll in Con Ed II.

1. Select your Con Ed II Site

All students are responsible for selecting their Con Ed II site.

Resources for Locating an Ecclesial Site:

2. Submit Contextual Education II Site Contract

The Site Contract should be signed by you and your site mentor and turned into the Con Ed Office. Note: You will not be enrolled in Contextual Education II without a signed form from you and your site mentor.

Contextual Education II Contract

Guidelines for Approved Contextual Education II Site Placements

The site must have a designated on site mentor to whom you will be accountable. This person must:

The setting where you will serve should allow you to experience and participate in ministry in these five areas:

Review the Guidelines for Ecclesial Practices PDF File [PDF 62K] for more information on appropriate activities for each of the five areas of ministry. Please do not consider a site that will not allow you to experience ministry fully in these five areas.

You will work in this ministry setting a minimum of eight hours per week. If this is a setting where you are employed, you may be required to work more than the minimum.

Contextual Education II and Employment

Students may have an employed position while they are enrolled in the Con Ed program. Students can use a church employment situation as their Con Ed II site placement, provided that the site is able to fulfill the requirements of a Con Ed II site.