Ecclesial Site and Site Mentor Guidelines

The participation of ecclesial Site Mentors in the theological education of our students is invaluable for the Contextual Education II Program , and we thank you for being interested in offering a student a place to experience the practice of ministry.

Every January, the Office of Contextual Education initiates the process for first year students to look for their ecclesial placement.  During the second semester, students will begin to interview churches or chaplaincies that fit both their vocational goals and the goals of the Office of Contextual Education. 

Requirements to be an approved Site Mentor

The site mentor must fulfill the following requirements to be approved for the Contextual Education II program:

Expectations of a Site Mentor

The following are general guidelines about what is expected of site mentors.

A Site Mentor should:

Note: Students are not required to be on-site during school break

Requirements to be an Approved Ecclesial Site

A site must be able to allow students to fulfill the five areas of ministry for Contextual Education II. View the “Guidelines for Ecclesial PracticesPDF File[PDF 62K] for the requirements each student is to fulfill during the course of their placement with you. If you find that any of these Areas of Ministry will be difficult to fulfill, please contact us, and we can work out ways in which the student may complete this requirement.

If you are interested in becoming an Approved Contextual Education Ecclesial Site, please contact Debbie Riggs, Program Coordinator, at