Programs and Curriculum Development

Initiatives in denominational studies, religious practices, contextual education, and the faith lives of today's youth strengthen Candler's curriculum. Your gift will allow for the enhancement of these programs, ensure a strong student affairs program, and fill new facilities with international representations of Christian art.

Giving Opportunities

Annual and endowment gifts are needed to support program endowments which may be established with a minimum gift of $50,000. Review Emory's naming policies.

Anglican Studies Program endowment
For those seeking ordination, formation for priesthood is based on a program centered on collegial reflection on student placements in carefully supervised Episcopal parishes and enriched by the weekly celebration of the Eucharist and the preparation of the proper Scripture lessons appointed for the week. Episcopal formation also includes ecumenical education in general theological studies, special academic work concentrating in liturgical studies, theology in the Episcopal tradition, worship from the Book of Common Prayer, and regular training in the spiritual practices of the priesthood.

Baptist Studies Program endowment
Baptist students at Candler come from all the major branches of the Baptist family: Alliance of Baptists, American Baptists, Cooperative Baptists, the National Baptist Conventions, Progressive Baptists, and Southern Baptists--not to mention smaller Baptist groups. In addition to the core classes, the Baptist Studies Program includes opportunities for Baptist students to get to know one another and work together, typically in conjunction with a Baptist faculty member.

Black Church Studies Program endowment
Candler's Program of Black Church Studies prepares men and women to provide learned, prophetic, and compassionate leadership in black and multiracial churches; and, educates the entire Candler community about the origins, development, and contemporary diversity of the black church tradition. The program also explores religious traditions among peoples of African descent across Africa and the diaspora. The program seeks to integrate black church studies into foundational courses at Candler and to expand and deepen black church studies courses.

Contextual Education Program endowment
Contextual Education combines academic instruction with opportunities for formation in ministry and leadership in churches, social service agencies, hospitals and other clinical and social settings. Candler's unique commitment to contextual theology and theological education is formalized through the four-semester sequence, Contextual Education I and Contextual Education II, required for all MDiv students.

Methodist Studies Program
The Methodist studies program promotes the ethos of the Wesleyan heritage through course offerings and programs for United Methodists and the Pan Methodist community. The director of Methodist studies coordinates course offerings in United Methodist history, doctrine, and polity that meet the requirements for ordination set forth in The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church.

Women, Theology and Ministry Program endowment
Candler's Women, Theology and Ministry program prepares women to provide transformative leadership in the church and the broader community. The program seeks to fulfill this purpose through assisting in vocational discernment and development of professional identity and leadership abilities, fostering an intellectual community for women students and alumnae, encouraging creative and constructive scholarship about women and religion, and advocating for women's issues in the church and world.

Youth Theological Initiative endowment
Since 1993, YTI has been a center for research and the theological education of youth and youth ministers. The YTI Summer Academy gathers thirty-six rising high school seniors from across the country to Emory University for a three-week experience in Christian theological education. Our goal is to cultivate public theologians for the church and world and foster opportunities to explore questions that shape us.

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