Endowed and Named Funds

An endowment gift to Candler School of Theology ensures support for today while providing educational and research excellence far into the future. Endowment gifts are invested. A portion of the investment earnings is spent, while the original gifts are preserved as principal. In this way, endowments have great earning power: A one-time gift lasts forever.

Candler's endowment supports education and research, financial aid, facilities, and the latest technology. With a strong endowment, Candler can attract the most talented students, recruit the best faculty, and generate new knowledge.

The gifts from alumni, friends, and foundations that make up Candler's endowment are pooled with more than 1,400 other endowed funds from across the university. Emory's investment policy for endowment gifts works responsibly to maximize growth and minimize losses. Information about Emory's endowment, including annual reports, can be found on the Emory Investment Management website at www.investment.emory.edu.

Giving Opportunities

Many endowment gifts are accompanied by naming opportunities. Review Emory's naming policies.

Endowed faculty chair: $2.5 million
Endowed professorship: $1 million
Minister in residence endowment: $1 million
Visiting scholar endowment: $1 million
Endowed scholarship: $100,000
Endowed lectureship: $50,000

For a list of current named faculty positions, check the endowed positions page.

Give to Candler

Your gift makes a difference! Candler's program of education for ministry depends on the abiding generosity of alumni and friends. Please consider supporting Candler School of Theology by investing in an endowed or named fund.

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