Dr. Arun W. Jones, Dan and Lillian Hankey Associate Professor of World Evangelism


Dr. Arun W. Jones grew up in India where his parents served as Methodist missionaries, and lived in the Philippines where he was engaged in mission work. He is the author of Christian Missions in the American Empire: Episcopalians in Northern Luzon, the Philippines, 1902–1946 (2003), of “Christianity in South Asia: Negotiating Religious Pluralism” in Introducing World Christianity (2012), and of numerous other book chapters and articles on Christianity in Asia and the history of Christian mission. His current book project, Missionary Christianity as Indigenous Religion: Presbyterians and Methodists in 19th-Century North India studies the interface between bhakti and evangelicalism in North Indian Christianity. He is also interested in the historiography of World Christianity more generally. Jones is ordained in The United Methodist Church, and served as pastor for congregations in Connecticut and New Jersey.


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