"Under Construction: Tearing Down & Building Up!"

Candler School of Theology 2013 New Student Orientation


            Jeremiah 1:4-10           


Orientation 2013 Graphic

Real dusty.

Real noisy.

Real messy.

Real fascinating.

Real change.

Welcome to Candler, where we are indeed “Under Construction!”  This is an exciting time of transition in the history of the school, a transition marked in a very tangible and visual way by the tearing down of Candler’s original home, Bishops Hall, and the building up of beautiful new space immediately adjacent to our current Rita Anne Rollins Building.  Over the past few months, many of us have found ourselves glued to the full-length windows of our hallways, watching in fascination as construction crews demolished one building, dug a huge pit, and began preparations for erecting another building just on the other side of those windows.  We have been amazed at how skillfully the workmen handle enormous machinery in a relatively small space, and with what ease dirt gets moved, a concrete wall goes up, and debris is carted away.  Even when unexpected problems arise, such as when the concrete mixer began sinking in the mud after a heavy rain last week, solutions seem to follow almost instantly—a tow truck even bigger than the concrete mixer arrives, and in minutes, disaster is averted.

All of you are in an exciting time of  transition, too, as you (and for some of you, spouses and partners and children) make preparations to come to seminary.  You may not actually be demolishing anything, but for sure you are getting ready for a new home, anticipating a new setting for learning, moving possessions around and carting off stuff you won’t need in order to make room for something different to emerge from that cleared out space. 

Tearing down and building up.  We suspect you will find that engaging your theological education is a little like that, too—and just as with our construction site, messy, fascinating, and life-changing.  We don’t have any tow trucks for quick and easy fixes, but we hope to be a community of support for you while you are here—and look forward to seeing you at Orientation!

2013 Orientation Team



About the artist David Cho, 2nd year Master of Divinity studentdavid-cho.jpg

Hello Candler family! My name is David Cho. I am an ordinary graduate student who believes that more than a thousand words, one picture can convey so much more.

Since I was young, I have enjoyed drawing, sketching and painting. My favorite mediums were watercolor and pencil. I have always wanted to create artwork that is not only pleasing and inspiring to me, but  to others as well. As a teenager, I quickly learned graphic design using Photoshop and Illustrator. I felt joyful and destined to pursue this passion. In fact, I went to the University of Michigan to study architecture.

But I ended up majoring in history. I was happy with the change yet I felt bittersweet. However, it was my local church in Ann Arbor where I was able to continue exercising my talents. From making posters to designing church bulletins, God gave me new opportunities to keep doing what I love and to serve God’s church. It was such a blessing to know how my artworks can be used to represent God’s church!

Even here in Candler, I am absolutely thankful for this opportunity.  It is an honor to use my small gifts to serve this wonderful community of faith, diversity and love.   

About the illustration

The theme, “Under Construction: Tearing Down and Building Up,” truly captures the heart of this important transition that our school and the people of Candler are making at this time. 

As we all know, a time of transition can be challenging. But at the same time, it is an exciting process. That’s what I wanted to convey in this graphic. “Under Construction” is an exciting process filled with hope for a new building, new relationships and new opportunities! These ideas are cheerfully conveyed and expressed through an interesting alignment of the text and vibrant colors.

It is my prayer as a fellow Candler student that we will be excited and hopeful to see what God is going to do in this exciting time of tearing down and building up, especially for the new incoming students! Welcome to Candler!