Spiritual Formation

Holy Week at Candler

This Holy Week, the Office of Student Programming and the Office of Worship offered a number of opportunities for the Candler community to reflect, meditate, and engage the story of the Cross. From the early centuries of the Christian faith, believers marked the annual Holy Week by walking in pilgrimage the Way of the Cross, tracing the journey of Jesus. This multimedia piece was composed as a way for students, faculty, and staff to journey through the fourteen Stations of the Cross during Holy Week of 2013.

Students at Candler look for God's movements in themselves and in the world around them. To assist in students' process of spiritual growth and discernment, Candler fosters opportunities both for communal formation and for individuals to learn new practices of prayer and meditation. Candler students are formed through their participation in worship and through engagement with diverse student groups in the Candler community. Candler students also have an opportunity to shape their own path of spiritual formation through a variety of resources offered by the Office of Student Programming (OSP).

Prayer Circle

Practices and Pilgrimages

Several times each semester the OSP invites faculty, guest speakers and spiritual directors to engage the Candler community in spiritual practices. Students have opportunities to learn more about the richly diverse resources of the Christian tradition from centering prayer to the labyrinth to engagement with the arts as a spiritual discipline. Candler students also have opportunities to visit places of religious significance in the greater Atlanta area and to reflect together on the Spirit of God at work in the world beyond Candler.

Retreats and Spiritual Direction

The OSP sponsors quiet days and times of retreat for Candler students during each semester. Students may also choose to take time for personal retreats or work with a spiritual director. Information about local retreat centers and a list of experienced spiritual directors are available through the OSP, and students are encouraged to talk with the Director of Student Life and Spiritual Formation about these opportunities. To access a list of experienced spiritual directors, click here.


Worship is at the heart of Candler’s vision for spiritual formation. The Candler community gathers three times a week for mid-day services of Word, Word and Table, and Friday Eucharist, as well as attending daily services of Morning Prayer. Through the Office of Worship, students assist in planning and leading these services. Candler’s Anglican students also lead a service of Evensong and Eucharist every Wednesday evening.

Emory Counseling Center

Candler students take advantage of the Emory Counseling Center and the many resources they offer. The OSP provides information about the Counseling Center to students and guides students through the use of their services.

Special Update: RESPECT OFFICE Q&A

Last month, several of you attended our Seeking Sanity workshop and learned about Emory's http://studenthealth.emory.edu/hp/programs/respect_program/.  Here are the answers to the questions submitted by Candler students: 

How can I help?

The sexual assault response guides provide some great tips for how to respond in a crisis. The key is to believe what the person you’re talking to is saying, to listen and not make decisions for her/him, and to connect her/him to resources.

Isn’t sexual assault prevention education inherently targeting men as perpetrators?

Sexual assault prevention is about ending sexual assault and ensuring that no one lives in fear of or experiences violence.  While the majority of perpetrators are male and the majority of survivors are female, sexual violence affects our entire society.  Only 3% of men are perpetrators, but we all have a role in ending sexual violence. In addition, only 2% of reports of sexual violence are proven false, so the media attention indicating that “women” falsely report is inaccurate.  We can all work together to end sexual assault, and men have powerful roles in that.  I work closely with a lot of men doing this work, including several of my interns and student staff.

What are some websites that can connect me to resources in the community?

Here are some key resources:




Where can I get more information about how to respond as clergy?

One of our Candler students who works with the RESPECT program has compiled an excellent list of resources available in the Office of Student Programming.  Please come by and pick up a copy!

Emory Office of Religious Life

Candler School of Theology shares Cannon Chapel with other religious communities on Emory’s campus and collaborates with the university's Office of Religious Life. Through the Office of Religious Life, Candler students are invited into dialogue and spiritual practices with graduate and undergraduate students from across the university and from other faith communities.