Worship Teams

Real Worship Team

Darin Arntson

3rd Year, Master of Divinity

Colin Bagby

2nd Year, Master of Divinity

Elizabeth Colby

2nd Year, Master of Divinity

"The more I study, the more I am
convinced that worship is truly at
the core of our faith.I'm grateful to
attend a seminary that honors our
sacramental rituals and traditions
(in their many and varied forms),
and that provides significant
opportunities for students to
participate in the creative process
on all levels. I trust this not only
makes us better prepared as leaders
in ministry to local congregations and
denominations, but also encourages us
as individuals toward deeper formation
and understanding in our own faith."

"Worship is essential to the life of the
believer.  It is in worship that people are
invited to commune with God and with
each other."

Real People 
Tom Gartin

3rd Year, Master of Divinity

2nd Year, Master of Divinity

Jeania Ree Moore

2nd Year, Master of Divinity

"Being a chapel sacristan gives me a 
peek into how each service
planning team organizes a service.  I
think the way to get the most out of
your time in chapel is to join a service
planning team.  For me, anyways, the
most enriching way to worship is by
being part of the discussions about
how and why to structure a service."

"At Candler, it is a blessing to give
God praise alongside classmates with
so many different perspectives.  As
Deitrich Bonhoeffer said, 'it is grace,
nothing but grace, that we are allowed
to live in community with Christian
brethren'. My love grows through

"Worship at Candler is a place where
we serve God and each other with a
spirit that reaches out to embrace and
move beyond the familiar.  It offers
comfort and challenge, edification and
enjoyment as we come together to
encounter the divine."

Real Difference 
Sheila Otieno

2nd Year, Master of Divinity

Jennifer Roberts

3rd Year, Master of Divinity

3rd Year, Master of Divinity

"For as long as I can remember, I
have been in and around the 
worship experience.  It is what drew 
me to God and eventually to my
vocation.  Worship is the heartbeat of
the Gospel and as we listen closely to
it, we are able to understand the heart
of God.  At Candler, every chapel
service is a chance for all of us to
listen once again and remind ourselves
why we are here in the first place."

"Worship is a time for me to
reconnect with the Body of Christ as I
worship the Creator.  It rejeuvenates
me and helps me stay grounded in my
faith and life."

Real World 
Mary Weaver

3rd Year, Master of Divinity

Carrol Wilson

2nd Year, Master of Divinity

"To me, worship should be a pivotal
focus of ministry in order to proclaim
the Word and praise God.  I am
honored and love being involved with
the chapel services to help create a
space where others can feel the love
of Christ and the grace of God."

"I have never attended a worship
service where I did not try to
experience God's presence.  I believe
that it is important in worship planning
for us to create an atmosphere
and space of inclusivity.  A place where
God is welcomed and God's people
can worship."