Friday Mid-day Eucharist: Season of Lent

Candler School of Theology

Friday Mid-Day Eucharist

1 April 2011 | Season of Lent

“’Never since the world began has it been heard that anyone opened the eyes of a person born blind.’” 

Gathering for Praise



†Hymn                                                                                             Open My Eyes                                                                                            UMH 454


O Jesus Christ who is the light of the world,

We come to you, weary, tired, lost, and barely able to see.

Open our eyes, and light our paths,

So that we may light the world for you.

In the name of Jesus Christ we pray, Amen.


 Hearing God’s Word

Psalm                                                                                                  Psalm 23                                                                                             UMH 754            

†Gospel Lesson                                                                                    John 9:1-41


Silent Meditation

Responding in Faith 

Prayers of the People

      Please respond to “God of all gladness,” with “Have mercy on us.”

Great Thanksgiving                                                                                                                                                                                            UMH 23

      Musical Setting D

The Lord’s Prayer

Giving of the Bread and Cup

                  Rice wafers on the altar are for those with gluten intolerance.

                  Only grape juice is served in this service.

      Music during Communion

            Amazing Grace        UMH 378

†Prayer after Communion

      Eternal God,

      We give you thanks for this holy mystery

            in which you have given yourself to us.

      Grant that we may go into the world,

            in the strength of your Spirit,

            to give ourselves for others.

      In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Departing to Serve

†Hymn                                                                                             The Summons                                                                                          FWS 2130


Signs of Peace


+Tuesday, 5 April, Service of Word and Table: Bishop Hope Morgan Ward, Mississippi Annual Conference, United Methodist Church

+Thursday, 7 April, Black Church Studies Service, Rev. Dr. Frederick D. Haynes, III, Senior Pastor, Friendship-West Baptist Church, Dallas, TX

+Friday, 8 April, the Rev. Penny Nash, Atlanta Diocese of the Episcopal Church

+All services begin at 11:05 a.m.

Worship Notes

Organist:  Sarang Love

Cantor: Jared Stine

Readers: Mashaun Simons, Kimberlee Payton, Kim Jenne, La Ronda Barnes,

Samantha Lewis, Patrick McLaughlin

Celebrant:  Rev. Toni Belin-Ingram, Pastor, Greater Smith Chapel AME

Deacon:  Stacey Doremus

Bread Baker:  Anna Tew

Worship Office Coordinators:  Krista Ehst, Anna Tew, Lee Curtis


Prayers of the People: Intercessions for the Christian People, Gail Ramshaw, Liturgical Press, 1999.

Collect: Anna Tew