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Welcome to the winter issue of Candler Connection, the magazine for alumni and friends of Candler School of Theology. This magazine is designed to foster community among the 7,500 Candler alumni around the world.

This issue is dedicated to the topic of neighbors and neighborhoods. We begin with a new take on an old question—Who is my neighbor?—and expand the discussion from there? What does being a good neighbor mean? What obstacles keep us from being good neighbors? What roles do the church and various ministries play in a neighborhood? We hope this issue inspires a renewed call to neighborliness in you.

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The Lawyer's Second Question

The Lawyer's Second Question

“It’s a classic lawyer’s mistake, asking a witness a question in open court without knowing in advance what the answer will be,” writes Thomas G. Long, Bandy Professor of Preaching and Coordinator of the Initiative in Religious Practices and Practical Theology.  Long examines the lawyer’s question – who is my neighbor? – and ponders the lessons in the parable of the good Samaritan.

L’Arche Builds Community While Shaping Faith

L'Arche Builds Community While Shaping Faith

L’Arche is an intentional faith community where people with and without intellectual disabilities share life together. A simple definition, but this article explores how these communities are having profound effects in shaping the faith of those who come into contact with them. As a new L’Arche community opens in Candler’s backyard, we explore the riches of relationship with “different” neighbors.

Seeing the Good in “the Badlands”

Seeing the Good in “the Badlands”

When best-selling author and sought-after speaker Shane Claiborne visited Candler in October, he inspired capacity crowds with his tales of resurrection in dead-end neighborhoods. In this interview, Claiborne explains how the adversity faced by a community can be a positive thing and shares how already stable communities can become stronger.

Return to Eden

Return to Eden

The garden adjacent to Centenary United Methodist Church in Macon, Georgia, isn’t exactly paradise. It’s more like an empty lot that has a few picnic tables and a half dozen raised beds growing bulbous purple eggplant, lush leafy lettuces, and fancy onions. But four Candler alumni are doing whatever is humanly possible to transform the space and the surrounding neighborhood into a modern-day Eden.

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The Collect
A renewed call to neighborliness

The latest from Candler

An update on Campaign Emory and a snapshot of annual gifts

Bishop Woodie White on neighbors and neighborhoods

A REAL Moment


Required Reading
What faculty are reading now 

New Books by Candler Faculty

Alum Toni Belin Ingram interviews her faculty mentor, Luther Smith


Meet Your Candler Alumni Board

From Hostility to Hospitality: Neighbors Across Political Divides
Guhyun Kwon’s church scales fences of mistrust to be a good neighbor

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