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Winter 2014 | Endings & Beginnings


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Welcome to the Winter 2014 issue of Candler Connection, the magazine for alumni and friends of Candler School of Theology. This magazine is designed to foster community among the 7,500 Candler alumni around the world.

This issue focuses on endings and beginnings and the inextricable link between them. We explore the rituals at the end of life and the birth of congregations in the neighborhoods that surround us; stemming the tide of systemic injustice and forging new ministries; and celebrating Candler's beginnings as we honor the 100th anniversary of its founding in 1914. May this issue bring you into a deeper understanding of the transformative and renewing spirit of endings and beginnings.

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The Good Funeral and the Empty Tomb

The Good Funeral and the Empty Tomb

"Most of nature does not stop for death. But we do. Wherever our spirits go, or don’t, ours is a species which has learned to process grief by processing the objects of our grief—the bodies of the dead—from one place to the next." Poet and undertaker Thomas Lynch explores how our rituals surrounding death and burial inform our faith in resurrection.

A Time to Sow

A Time to Sow

There’s a reason we call it “church planting.” Starting a new congregation and cultivating seeds have a lot in common. And just as growing a lush garden takes a special touch, so does starting a new church. Four alumni share the ins, outs, and unexpected turns of their church-planting journeys.

Cut Dead But Still Alive

Cut Dead But Still Alive

Greg Ellison is on a quest to end the systemic stigmatization of African American young men. His new book, Cut Dead But Still Alive, paves the way for transformation and leads to Fearless Dialogues that open our eyes and change our world.

Five Degrees of Integration

Five Degrees of Integration

Already blessed with strong degree programs, Candler is seeking ways to address the varied issues facing the church—declining seminary enrollment, lower church attendance and the “nones”—with five new degree programs that expand the possibilities for more people to make a real difference in the real world.

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The Collect
The transformative spirit of endings and beginnings

The latest from Candler

Gifts that are making a real difference at Candler

Professor emeritus Don Saliers on endings and beginnings

A REAL Moment


Required Reading
What faculty are reading now 

New Books by Candler Faculty

Now & Then
Teresa Fry Brown and Ted Smith talk teaching and preaching


And a Little Child Shall Lead Them
A trio of beginnings for Nancy and Shelvis Smith-Mather in South Sudan

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