Candler faculty engage Perkins faculty Dr. Evelyn Parker in a Contextual Education diversity workshop

Contextual Education faculty at Candler School of Theology, Emory University, will join the program�s teaching supervisors on January 18, 2006 for a day committed to discussion about diversity in the classroom and the congregation. The event is scheduled for the Carlos Museum on the Emory campus. Dr. Evelyn Parker, Associate Professor of Christian Education at Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX will speak.

The Candler faculty is committed to making the entire curriculum �contextual.� All aspects of theology are grounded in specific practices and cultural contexts. As part of that commitment, the Contextual Education program is a two-year requirement of all Candler students in the Master of Divinity program. In the first year, students work in social service settings around north central Georgia. In the second year, students work in congregational settings. In both years, on-the-job experience is joined to academic studies through small reflection groups led by Candler faculty and teaching supervisors. Teaching supervisors are the program leaders and ministers with whom the students work. These reflection groups provide the context within which theological scholarship and personal formation are interpreted by ministerial experience.

The Contextual Education program is headed by The Rev. P. Alice Rogers and Dr. David O. Jenkins.