Korean Students Share Culture, Tradition at Festival

Tuesday, November 6 found most of Candler's forty-three students from South Korea striving to help other students and members of the community to better understand their culture, religious and theological backgrounds, and experiences as international students. Over 100 members of the community observed the student created video presentations, with many viewing the information booths about Korean Church History, Min-jung theology, Asian and Asian American Women's theologies, and more. Some of the students helped others to write their names in Korean or Chinese scripts.

Poster for 2007 Korean Student Festival
Korean Festival poster

First year master of divinity student, Ji Wook Moon, aspires to bring the Gospel to life through the art of cartooning. He created the unique poster for this event. If you look closely you will see members of the Candler and Emory communities in this multi-cultural parade, including the writing tutors that work with second language students and His Holiness the XIV Dalai Lama.

Several students performed Samulnori, Koran traditional music. Dr. Karen Scheib, a faculty advisor for the Korean student group participated as a drummer.

The students offered a generous buffet of Korean foods. Some were catered from a favorite local restaurant. Several students cooked and served other treats as part of the festival. Along with the pure enjoyment of the delicious meal, all appreciated the offering of recipes for these traditional dishes.

According to Heejung Kwon 99T and 08G, coordinator of student programs, Luce Korean Initiative, �Candler�s life has been enriched by the presence of the Korean and Korean-American students. I hope annual Korean Festival provides us with an opportunity to appreciate what the students bring to Candler: Korean culture, Korean church history, and Korean and Korean-American theologies.�

The festival helps others in the Candler community to develop a stronger understanding of our Korean students and fosters relationships throughout the community. The Korean students are active throughout the year in the Emory Korean Graduate Student Association, led this year by second year master of divinity student Dong Sung Ko. Students in the master of theology, doctor of theology in pastoral counseling and doctor of philosophy in religion programs all contributed to this event.