Candler School Of Theology Professor To Lecture On Good And Evil

Dr. Carol Newsom, C.H. Candler Professor of Old Testament, will deliver a lecture on "Three (Rather Different) Ways of Imagining Good and Evil" at Emory University. Her presentation will take place at noon, March 3, 2008 as part of the "Life of the Mind" lunchtime lecture series in the Jones Room of Woodruff Library.

"In this lecture, the apocalyptic imagination of good and evil is compared with two alternative ways of thinking, one found in the wisdom traditions, the other in the mythic creation story of Genesis," said Newsom. "Taken together, these three rather different ways of thinking about good and evil provide interesting conversation partners for contemporary secular discussions about the place of good and evil in relation to human nature, society, and the structures of the world."

The free "Life of the Mind" lecture series is devoted to showcasing one of Emory's leading faculty members each month. The lecture will be followed by opportunities for discussion with Dr. Newsom.

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