News Release:

Mar. 25,  2010

Newsom Receives Two Fellowships

Carol Newsom, the Charles Howard Candler Professor of Old Testament, has received two research fellowships. The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) has named her a 2010-11 Henry Luce III Fellow in Theology, and the Center for Humanistic Inquiry at Emory University has named her a 2010-11 Fellow. 

The Luce Fellows program was established by the ATS to identify leading scholars in theological studies and provide them with the necessary financial support and recognition to facilitate their work. Newsom is among six scholars nationally to receive the honor this year.  Her project, Constructions of Good and Evil in Biblical and Early Postbiblical Literature, focuses on the conceptual and imaginative constructions of good and evil from contrasting positions within the Hebrew Bible. She also seeks to put the constructions in dialogue with more contemporary investigations in theology, philosophy, cultural studies, social science, and evolutionary biology.

Emory University’s Bill and Carol Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry (FCHI) draws on the school’s outstanding humanities departments and programs and longstanding institutional commitment to interdisciplinary research and teaching. The FCHI awards fellowships annually to selected tenured members of the Emory University faculty to provide resources for an academic year of study and residence in the Center. 

Davis Hankins, one of Newsom’s doctoral students in Emory’s Graduate Division of Religion and a Candler Teaching Fellow, was also awarded a 2010-11 FCHI Fellowship.  He will be one of four students completing his dissertation as a FCHI Fellow.