News Release:

Apr. 9,  2010

Strom Selected for Holocaust Seminar

Jonathan Strom, associate professor of church history at Candler, has been invited to attend the 2010 Seminar for Seminary Faculty and Professors of Religious Studies, entitled "Rescuers and Bystanders during the Holocaust: The Historical Significance of Morality and Complicity." The seminar is sponsored by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s Committee on Church Relations and the Holocaust (CRC).

The seminar is designed for professors of theology, ethics and religion at theological schools and other institutions of higher learning, to strengthen teaching about the Holocaust at American institutions. This year’s focus will be on the history of Catholic and Protestant responses to Nazism and the Holocaust. Strom was one of 20 faculty members from a variety of colleges and universities to be competitively selected to attend this year’s seminar.

Strom is hoping to gather resources at the seminar to help him construct a new course on the subject for Candler students. “This is an area I’ve wanted to offer a class in for a while,” he remarks. “My interest in the seminar is less about my personal research and more about teaching. It will introduce me to the best resources, and there will be instructors there who have researched intensively in this area. I hope to learn from them.”

The seminar takes place June 21-25, 2010.