News Release:

Nov. 18,  2010

A Thrill of Hope Advent DVD Offered for Second Year

Candler School of Theology is pleased to offer for a second season A Thrill of Hope: The Christmas Story in Word and Art, a DVD production designed for use in Sunday School classes, Bible studies, and other church group gatherings. Introduced in Advent 2009, the DVD is accompanied by a participant study guide with suggested discussion questions, making it perfect for group Bible studies during Advent. You can watch the preview video from this page.

his 50-minute DVD presents the familiar story of Christmas as told in the Gospels of Luke and Matthew. Each passage of scripture is illustrated by and interpreted in the stunning artwork of John August Swanson along with commentary by members of Candler’s renowned facua-lty, including Michael Brown, Luke Timothy Johnson, Steve Kraftchick, Tom Long, Carol Newsom, and former associate dean Gail O’Day.

A Thrill of Hope is divided into six 8-minute sections, each one featuring a passage of scripture from the Christmas story: The Annunciation to Mary, The Nativity, The Shepherds, Epiphany, The Presentation in the Temple, and the Flight into Egypt.

Editor's Note: As of June 2011, Candler is no longer selling "A Thrill of Hope." It is now available through Church Publishing Inc. You may view information about the product and purchase it online at Church Publishing Inc.'s website.