News Release:

Dec. 8,  2011

Candler Helps Emory Celebrate 175th Anniversary

emory-175-anniversary-logo.jpgOn Dec. 7, Emory University held a convocation celebration to cap off its 175th anniversary year. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni gathered in Glenn Memorial Auditorium to celebrate Emory’s legacy and to anticipate ways that legacy can be strengthened in the years ahead. Candler School of Theology had the honor of participating in several aspects of the ceremony. (Watch a clip of the convocation.)

Candler’s Dean Jan Love delivered the invocation, offering gratitude for the spark that inspires our hearts and minds to seek knowledge and giving thanks for Emory’s legacy as a place where that partnership of heart and mind can thrive. In anticipation of the challenges Emory faces in the future, Dean Love acknowledged the danger of complacency and asked that the Emory community be provided guidance of spirit so that it might continue to shape a faithful future. 

Bishop Michael Watson 74T, resident bishop of the North Georgia area of The United Methodist Church, brought official greetings from the denomination, which holds the Emory University charter. He reflected on the bylaws of the university and the Church’s desire to create a place that unites the qualities of knowledge and piety and nurtures them together. “A working mind and a questing spirit draw sustenance from each other,” he said. “The laboratory and the chapel support each other.” 

Watson presented a sprig of holly that grew from an oak where John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, preached in the 1730s. “May Emory long flourish as this holly has done through the generations,” he said. 

In the Anniversary Address, Emory University President James Wagner cited Candler’s work with the Certificate in Theological Studies program at Lee Arrendale State Prison as an example of how Emory continues to address challenges in today’s society. Noting that the program was the brainchild of Candler alumna Susan Bishop and Candler professor Elizabeth Bounds, Wagner explained that the classes emphasize critical thinking skills to female inmates, who might be exposed to that kind of analysis for the first time. These thinking skills, Wagner noted, provide the opportunity for transformation, both in the inmates’ lives and in society. 

The convocation also paid tribute to 175 Emory “History Makers,” a group of luminaries who have made history at Emory and beyond. The final list, which was selected from 1,000 potential nominees, includes many Candler alums, Candler’s namesake, and a former dean. The History Makers (or, in some cases, their descendants) were honored at a breakfast ceremony, where they received medals that were worn during the convocation. 

History Makers from Candler include:

Candler School of Theology will have its own opportunity to celebrate a major milestone in the coming years: In 2014, the school will mark its 100th anniversary.