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2012 News Releases

Merry Christmas from Candler School of Theology! (12.21.2012)
Real Gratitude from REAL People (12.20.2012)
Candler receives grant to improve student financial literacy (12.17.2012)
Leadership Candler Deadline is January 15 (12.11.2012)
New Web Features Spotlight Candler's Distinctiveness to Prospective Students (12.4.2012)
REAL Possibilities: Candler Uses Grant to Teach Financial Literacy (12.3.2012)
Emory Introduces the Wise Heart Society (11.28.2012)
Bishop Stokes Leaves Legacy of Scholarship, Reconciliation (11.28.2012)
Candler Featured in Conference on Discerning Call (11.16.2012)
Candler Faculty to Appear at AAR and SBL Annual Meetings (11.15.2012)
Canada's National Indigenous Bishop to Speak at Practical Peacebuilding Event (11.13.2012)
REAL Commitment: Military Chaplains Serve God and Country (11.7.2012)
WTM Hosts Annual Women's Forum Nov. 16 (11.7.2012)
Shane Claiborne's Lectures Available on iTunes (10.31.2012)
Pacini on "Four Bibles, Four Christs" Nov. 10 (10.30.2012)
Registration Deadline for Practical Peacebuilding Extended to November 15 (10.29.2012)
Candler Alum Elected Bishop of Eurasia (10.22.2012)
Obery Hendricks to Present Howard Thurman Lecture (10.12.2012)
Show, Don't Tell: Shane Claiborne to Bring His Call to Action to Candler (10.8.2012)
Reformation Day to Celebrate 25th Anniversary of Kessler Collection (10.8.2012)
Civil Rights Leader to Deliver Practical Peacebuilding Keynote Address (10.7.2012)
REAL International Engagement: Love of Language Widens World for Student (10.6.2012)
LaFayette Wins 2012 National Freedom Award (10.5.2012)
Candler Honors Distinguished Alumni (09.26.2012)
First Tuesday Showcases Candler to Prospective Students (09.24.2012)
Holladay Weighs in on Papyrus Find to "New York Times" (09.21.2012)
Strawn Discusses Biblical Teaching on Peace and Violence for CNN (09.17.2012)
George Kalantzis To Open Fall 2012 Dean's Lecture Series (09.12.2012)
Shane Claiborne to address politics, Christians, church (09.7.2012)
Candler Welcomes Three New Faculty Members (08.30.2012)
REAL Commitment: Orientation Keeps Spiritual Formation Front and Center (08.29.2012)
Catch Up with Candler on iTunesU (08.24.2012)
Candler Orientation to Place Increased Focus on Spiritual Formation (08.20.2012)
Newsom to Lead Graduate Division of Religion (08.6.2012)
REAL International Engagement: Candler Advantage Takes Students to Kenya and Korea (08.2.2012)
YTI Gathers Uncommon Teens to Find Common Ground (08.2.2012)
Pitts Website Debuts a New Look (08.2.2012)
Fry Brown Elected to Key Office in A.M.E. Church (08.1.2012)
Student Wins Scholarship to Practical Peacebuilding (08.1.2012)
Candler Alum Elected to Episcopacy in The United Methodist Church (07.26.2012)
Whitmore to Serve as Interim Director of Candler's Episcopal Studies Program (07.17.2012)
Johnson's Book Lauded by Catholic Press Association (07.16.2012)
Dean Love Heads University Provost Search Committee (07.16.2012)
Long's Latest Wins "Book of the Year" (07.12.2012)
Ellison Wins Book Grant (07.12.2012)
REAL Possibilities: Candler Advantage Provides a Sneak Peek of a Pastor's Life (07.2.2012)
Candler, General Theological Seminary Present New Peacebuilding Program (06.27.2012)
"Candler Connection" is Online! (06.26.2012)
Episcopal Bishop to take deanship at Sewanee (06.26.2012)
Candler's 'Real' Campaign Wins International CASE Award (06.19.2012)
Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You: "Candler Connection" (06.4.2012)
Meet Candler's UM Ambassadors (06.4.2012)
Candler Seniors Give Back in Record Numbers (05.29.2012)
Long to preach on 'Day 1' (05.22.2012)
Candler Awards 126 Degrees (05.15.2012)
Light Rain Will Not Affect Commencement Schedule (05.14.2012)
Candler Gears Up for Commencement (05.11.2012)
Candler Singers to Perform Concert in Cannon Chapel (05.8.2012)
Dean Love Elected to United Methodist University Senate (05.1.2012)
REAL International Engagement: Candler Student Receives Bobby Jones Fellowship (05.1.2012)
Candler Honors Students' Vocational and Academic Excellence (04.20.2012)
Herring Honors Wife's Legacy with Candler Gift (04.16.2012)
Strawn Appointed to Old Testament Library Editorial Board (04.10.2012)
Saliers to Explore Artist's Storytelling (04.10.2012)
Wright Presents Conference on Jewish Military Service and Belonging (04.10.2012)
Candler School of Theology, General Theological Seminary Develop New Peacebuilding Program (04.9.2012)
Candler Singers Tour Florida, Perform at UMC General Conference (04.9.2012)
Candler Singers to Perform at Duluth First United Methodist Church (04.9.2012)
What song do we need to sing? (04.3.2012)
Candler Presence Strong at UMC General Conference (04.3.2012)
REAL Dialogue: Lenten Reflections on Being Christian (04.3.2012)
Candler Takes Learning Online (04.3.2012)
Two "Atlanta Community Leaders of Faith" have Candler Connections (03.5.2012)
Candler Students Deliver Sermons at Preaching Festival (03.5.2012)
The Singing Church: Three Presenters Provide a Sneak Peek (03.5.2012)
William Watley Visits as Whiteside Distinguished Preacher (02.22.2012)
REAL Commitment: Nine Candler Grads Perform 'Dream Worship' Wedding (02.7.2012)
Scotland's John Bell to Lead Evening of Song at Candler School of Theology (02.7.2012)
Candler School of Theology Conference to Explore Congregational Song (01.31.2012)
Diverse Slate of Scholars on Tap for Dean's Lecture Series (01.31.2012)
Rollins Foundation Gives $15 Million to Candler's Building Program (01.19.2012)
Bishop Woodie White's Letter to Martin Luther King Jr. (01.12.2012)
REAL Commitment: Hearing the Voice of God through the Homeless (01.3.2012)