News Release:

Apr. 8,  2013

REAL Change: We Say Goodbye to Bishops Hall

For many people, especially alumni who graduated before 2008, Candler School of Theology is synonymous with Bishops Hall. In 2008, Candler moved into Phase I of a new building; in 2012, Candler received a generous gift from the O. Wayne Rollins Foundation of Atlanta that makes possible the construction of the second phase of the school’s new building program. The second phase called for Bishops Hall to be torn down so that the second building, which will house Pitts Theology Library and a teaching chapel, can connect with the first one. 

The following slideshow illustrates the process of saying goodbye to Bishops Hall.

Candler School of Theology moved into Bishops Hall in 1957. Ground was broken in January 1957, and the building was complete in less than seven months and ready for use when classes resumed in September 1957. The building was named The Bishops Hall for Theological Studies because the College of Bishops of the Southeastern Jurisdiction of the then Methodist Church led the fundraising. 
After 50 years, Candler had outgrown Bishops Hall, and professors were unable to take advantage of modern technology and classroom tools. Administrators once considered retrofitting the building but found it would cost nearly as much as a new building. In 2008, Candler completed Phase I of a new building program, now known as the Rita Anne Rollins Building. In May of that year, during Commencement weekend, Dean Jan Love led the community in a symbolic leavetaking.
In February 2013, a walkway went up in preparation for demolition of Bishops Hall and construction of Phase II of the new building. The tiles being removed in this photo will likely be reused in the roofing of one of Emory's residence halls. 
On March 8, 2013, Ed Phillips, associate professor of worship and liturgical theology, led the community in A Rite to Acknowledge the Razing of Bishops Hall. 
On Monday, March 11, construction crews began demolition. Bishops Hall was taken down with a process known as "munching" -- essentially, taking bites out of the building.
By the end of the week-long spring break, the building was gone. 
An important element of the demolition is recycling. Here, materials from the demolition are sorted so they can be loaded in appropriate bins for recycling. When the area is clear, construction will start on Phase II of the building.
Phase II, shown here in rendering, will connect to the Rita Anne Rollins Building via a glass atrium. The new building will house Pitts Theology Library and the Wesley Teaching Chapel. It is scheduled for completion in spring 2014.