News Release:

Aug. 1,  2013

Summer Sundays Are Perfect for 'Uncensored' Talk

The_Bible_Uncensored_400.jpgLooking for some uncensored conversations this summer? Put down that cable guide and head to Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church, where Candler faculty will lead “The Bible: Uncensored” on Sunday mornings at 9:45 a.m.

“The Bible: Uncensored” happens each Sunday morning for eight weeks—June 16 to August 4—and features six Candler faculty members offering their “uncensored” thoughts on a variety of biblical texts. Subjects cover a broad range of themes that encompass both the Old and New Testaments and also touch on the history of censoring Scripture.

The hour-long programs are free and open to the public. Coffee and continental breakfast are served and child care and children’s and youth Sunday School are offered.

The full schedule: 

Glenn’s “The Bible: Uncensored” summer series builds on past years’ successes, including 2012’s “Religion in the South” series. This summer’s subject matter stems in part from a recent cultural focus on biblical studies, including the History channel’s popular miniseries The Bible, which aired earlier this year.

Located on the Emory University campus, Glenn Memorial UMC has strong ties with Candler faculty, making an accessible academic treatment of the content easy to put together and exciting to present. According to Glenn’s Sara LaDew 09T, who helped plan the series, the program is an ideal opportunity to make the most of that relationship while introducing the work of Candler faculty to a wider audience that includes church members as well as the community at large.

“We have a vibrant intellectual community at Glenn,” says LaDew, assistant to the senior pastor at Glenn. “We wanted to come up with some interesting subject matter that brings people back to the church and keeps them connected over the busy summer.” LaDew expects that the insights of Candler faculty and the intriguing subjects will do just that. “We’re very excited to offer this series to the community,” she says.

For more information about “The Bible: Uncensored,” including a suggested reading list, visit the Glenn Memorial UMC website