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Nov. 25,  2013

Candler on List of 'Seminaries That Change the World'

stctw-logo.jpgCandler School of Theology is one of 18 “Seminaries that Change the World,” (STCTW) according to Faith3, an organization that seeks to support the church as it relates to young adults.

STCTW and Faith 3’s executive director, the Rev. Wayne Meisel, created the first-of-its-kind list to show service-minded young people the difference a theological education can make in their career and leadership development.

“STCTW was established as part of a movement to reclaim the important historic role that theological education has played in promoting community and justice while training and launching local and world leaders in all areas of society,” explains Meisel, who traveled for 3 years to seminaries and divinity schools to weigh them for inclusion on the list.

That role is one that Candler has played for almost 100 years, and one the school continues to live into today, says Dean Jan Love.

“Candler has a long history of forming faithful and creative leaders for the church and the world, leaders who fully engage their communities for the well-being of all,” she says.

“Our 7,500+ living alumni work in all corners of the world, in churches, schools, nonprofit organizations, ecclesial bodies, government agencies and corporations. They are people who serve as the hands and feet of Christ in the world.” 

Schools on the STCTW list were selected according to a set of criteria that included: 

Candler’s historical and continuing commitments to social justice and community engagement were among the attributes that highlighted the school for selection.

Also of note were Candler’s active student groups, such as Candler Creation Keepers, Sacred Worth, Family Link, Candler Evangelical Society, and the Social Concerns Network, as well as the school’s distinguished faculty and alumni who are making a significant impact on society.

Love says that Candler is honored to be included in the inaugural class of Seminaries That Change the World.

“What we say on our brochures isn’t just marketing-speak. We are truly committed to helping real people make a real difference in the real world,” she says.

“It’s affirming to have others recognize that commitment.”

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