Program of Black Church Studies

Candler’s Program of Black Church Studies prepares men and women to provide learned, prophetic, and compassionate leadership in black and multiracial churches; and, educates the entire Candler community about the origins, development, and contemporary diversity of the black church tradition. The program also explores religious traditions among peoples of African descent across Africa and the diaspora. The program seeks to integrate black church studies into foundational courses at Candler and to expand and deepen black church studies courses. The program also seeks to respond to the need for literature in black religion, in particular the need for primary field research on black congregational life. The Program of Black Church Studies also sponsors chapel worship, orientation, and support events as well as an annual series of lectures on black religious life that include the Howard Thurman Lecture, the Anna Julia Cooper Lecture, and the Bishop James S. Thomas Lecture. For further information, contact Teresa Fry Brown, director, at 404.727.4180 or

Certificate in Black Church Studies

Candler students who desire to expand their knowledge of the black church may earn a certificate in Black Church Studies in conjunction with the Master of Divinity (MDiv) or Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree programs.