Center for Ecumenical and Multicultural Education

What is the CEME?

The Center for Ecumenical and Multicultural Education maintains a collection of educational resources for a range of culturally specific and cross cultural settings in churches and schools.

Ecumenical and Multicultural Education is an educational philosophy that seeks to instill in all persons a deeper appreciation of the religious and cultural diversity of the world and a creative affirmation of individual and group differences within a common humanity.

How can the CEME help you?

Let's say you are planning a Sunday school lesson, youth program, educational workshop, or a similar event at your local church. You may have no idea what resources to use, much less where to locate them. Well, the CEME can greatly reduce your stress and cut the time it takes to plan such an event by putting you in touch with helpful resources. Also, if you are writing a paper for a course here at Candler related to multiculturalism or a particular culture, the CEME may be just the resource that you need!

What kinds of resources does the CEME house?

The CEME contains various types of media from curriculum and journals, to books and pamphlets, to DVDs, videos, CDs, and cassettes, to maps and posters. These media represent (are written by, for, or about) numerous cultures including African American, European American, Hispanic, Japanese, Korean, Latino, and Native American and numerous denominational affilations.

You are invited to come in, browse through the shelves and identify resources that would be helpful to you. We will then either let you check out the materials or will have them copied for you. We can also guide you to the place or publisher from which various resources can be ordered and purchased. If we do not have the materials or information you are seeking, we will do our best to help you locate them.

How can the resource coordinator help you?

In addition to ordering and cataloguing resources for the CEME, they can help you locate the resources you are seeking. During office hours, you may drop in and they will be happy to assist you as you browse the shelves. If you would like the Resource Coordinator to do more involved research and compile a list of resources concerning a certain topic, target audience, or other parameter, you can set up an appointment during their office hours to discuss your interests, needs, and goals. Although the CEME is designed to be user-friendly, the Resource Coordinator can perhaps alleviate some stress and quicken your search.

The CEME is open on Mon-Wed from 11.00 a.m. to 1.00p.m. and is conveniently located in the Candler School of Theology room 436. You can call the center at 404.727.4160.