Auditing for Non-Students

Through the Non-Student auditing program, laity and clergy may sit in on up to two courses per semester at a reduced fee ($25 application fee per class; $200 registration fee per class).  Continuing education units (CEUS)  for auditing can be obtained by paying an additional fee at a rate of $25 per unit (C.E.U.). Non-Student Auditing is limited based on space availability, approval by the director of lifelong learning and course instructor. Applications must be received one month prior to the semester start date.

Application Deadlines:
Fall Semester:
 August 1
Spring Semester: December 1
Summer Session: May 1

No applications or registrations will be accepted after class begins

Academic credit for individual classes can be obtained by registering with the admissions department as a special student. The admissions department can be reached at or 404.727.6326.

Application Process:

  1. Examine the catalog and semester's course schedule found at the Candler registrar's site:
  2. Please fill out the appropriate editable form below (you can open the form on your computer and type in your information). After you have filled out your application form by typing in the information, print the form and scan it along with any supporting documents into one Adobe Acrobat file format document (.pdf). Save it to your computer for later upload to the online registration form. Make sure the application is complete. The name of a personal reference is required. The information provided will enable the director and the instructor to make their decision. 
  1. Complete the online registration Found at this link and upload your scanned application to the form. If you are auditing two classes you will have to complete two forms and register online twice. Please do not mail applications to the Office of Lifelong Learning.
  2. You will be notified via email of your acceptance and at that time will be invoiced for the fee.
  3. If the class is full or you are not accepted you will be notified and not charged any fee.

The registration fee is due one week prior to the beginning of the course. If the fee is not received by the first class meeting, admission will be canceled. See Fees sections for specific fee information.

Timeline of Approval Process by the Office of Lifelong Learning:

  1. Check with Registrar to see if space is available.
  2. Application to the Director of Lifelong Learning.
  3. Application to the Professor. 
  4. Notification to auditor of acceptance or rejection of application, because of class being full or other reason.


If a student must withdraw at any point during the course, he or she shall submit a letter to the Director of Lifelong Learning indicating the reason. The director will inform the instructor of the student's withdrawal.

Fees: (Made payable to Emory University)

Application: $25 per class 
Auditing Fee: $200 per class (nonrefundable after the first week of class)
C.E.U (if desired):
$25 per CEU per class (nonrefundable) three hour semester course:
3 hours = 4 C.E.U. = $100
two hour semester course:
2 hours = 3 C.E.U. = $75
Please do not send fees until you are invoiced for them. 

If C.E.U credit is to be received, an official letter will be sent from the Emory University Registrar's Office awarding the Continuing Education Units (C.E.U.).

Emory University is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, handicap, age or veteran status.

Contact Information:
Office of Lifelong Learning
Candler School of Theology
1531 Dickey Drive
Emory University
Atlanta, GA 30322
United States

Telephone: 404.727.0714